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Spreading smiles around the globe, one military care package at a time.

We need your help because there are over 1.5 million Active Duty military members in the United States Armed Services, many of whom are over seas or at sea. Your donations make it possible for us to create loving care packages to put a smile on their faces during the strenuous deployment period away from home.

In March of 2019 Carrie Duncan decided she was going to do something for American soldiers deployed in countries across the world.
“I remembered all the stories from Vietnam veterans coming home and being treated so badly, and my brother was in Vietnam,” Carrie said.
“I can’t do anything to change the past for them, and how they were treated. All I can do is help out the people overseas now.”
In March 2019 Carrie, who came from a “military family,” created “Splash of Love from Home,” a project to send care packages and messages of encouragement to military service members currently deployed.

"We want to give them a little piece of home, if possible."

Dress Right Dress Inc. is focused on ensuring Carrie's over idea lives on!

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